Thursday, June 19, 2003

To My Right Fighting Posters

"Having the alcoholic in our lives admit that they are Alcoholics doesn't mean you're RIGHT and they're going to FIX it--some do--some don't. We often want them to admit having big problems with alcohol so they will act responsibily and recover--certainly they can admit that they are alcoholics and hope that we'll just accept it, pitty them, or continue to do the impossible fix them to keep us attached. Having our mates admit that they're alcoholic only proves that they know what we know--and of course we were right--but it doesn't necessarily change anything.
What do you think? "

This was posted to the message board. [note to self] make an entry like this in my forum.
I've got to get more topics on my forum

It looks like it will take me considerable time to organize the forum to make it useful for people to want to go there.