Saturday, June 21, 2003

This was posted to a delphi message board: Not Ashamed

hmm, I can't remember if I posted an intro here (I found delphi and
found several applicable forums for me to peruse)
My name is David Bruce Jr, I'm a recovering incest survivor.

A bio of sorts is on the contact me page on my website:

I started the site Healthy Boundaries- Victim
because I wanted to put up all the information I wish I'd had
(in one place) when I began to work on fixing the effects of
being a survivor.

For me, being a survivor was about finding out where my
boundaries had holes/ were broken/ non-existant

For me, being an incest victim was about most of my life
(up till I had my first flashbacks)...was about my life
being victim based (codependent vittim based)behavior.

I also have a weblog that says this:

I titled the blog:

Repair Manual for Self Destructive Behavior

How to doc to fix vicitim behavior, dysfunctional self destructive and general codependent patterns. Where ever you search, all you get is how we got screwed up, not much on how to fix it, till now.

And lastly I joined here (and other places like this) to research
how to set up the forum I have hosted on my site- see my sig file.

Hopefully that says what I'm about and what I hope to accompilish

David Bruce Jr
Frederick Maryland
Which still needs choices decided on configuration and topics, input is welcome!!