Friday, September 03, 2004

Feedback on Affirmative Action

I, too. think it started off with good intentions.
But I have seen it do as much damage as a suicide bomber can do.It can
ruin lives.
It gives others the right to abuse verbally, kill.maim, rob and steal If
we do not all have the same income, something is wrong. If I go
to College and you do not, and you are a person of color,you were done
in "by the man".
I speak from my experience in ghetto
schools in Chicago. Thank heavens those
nightmarish days are over.
I had a black principal who took great delight in humiliatilng me before
my class.
She seemed outraged that I a "honky"
made headway with blacks. She came from that space that "No white person
can understand the black experience."
Amd she did seek every chance she had
to scare me and beat me up mentally.
I tried to understand why this was happening. I blamed myself in the
beginning. And after a year of hell, I
know I stood in a sea of insanity and
left the school one day at lunchtime.
I was attending AA meetings then and was sober as I am now.
I later was assigned to another ghetto school and met with the principal
before school began.I had no bad record with the Board. But the new
principal, promised
me hell each day as she was a friend of my ex-principal and moreover,
wreck my professional career!The Union said they could do nothing
because only she and I were present at that conversation.
So I started doing subbing after that.
I found a school that was supportive
and encouraged me.I was so glad to be there and be appreciated as a
teacher and respected as a human being.
The black schools do have the chance
to get great teachers, but some of the black principals have a problem
dealing with any non-black teacher who does make in-roads and connects
to black children.
In work places outside of education, I
also do not support Affirmative Action.
We give children of color higher grades
for sub-standard learning? What does
that accomplish?
I was a Democrat till Carter. For some reason, after est, I saw
Democrats as
the Party of victims. I think it does no good to tell Americans we will
pay for your education, medicine, etc..Because
I know the governent has NO money.
The people who work put all the money
into that.
I applaud Bill Cosby for encouraging
Blacks to take charge of their lives and
stop whining.Both parties should tell their constiuents to find work or
create new
jobs for themselves. Worlers can be victims
Both myself and my daughter had to work our way to a degree.We did not
cry about it but did something.Action always works.
I think all races should be considered
I have been one of those hit in the head by "reverse discrimation" that
is why I despise Affirmative Action so vehemently
and have been called a Nazi for doing that
I think it is low of both parties to "go for
the black and Hispanic vote" and pander to it. I think it is insulting.
The worst and saddest part is promising them education and jobs.As if
true education and wealth were something
that comes from outside of you or can be given to you...It cannot.It is
something you desire, dream of and achieve.It is people who have money
that can open businesses where people can work.
People have not learned how to make themselves valuable to the
My daughter was an alternate-delegate
to the GOP NYC Convention. She herself was denied admission to the best
middle school in San Franciso because she was Caucasian and not Chinese
or Hispanic.
There was a way around that one...It was
ridiculous. But by that time I was fed up with Affirmative Action, and
decided, it
would not affect her. So once again, action worked.
Grousing does nothing..Being the victim does no good either. One needs
to play the game and not stop.
The worst way to go through life as you know, and the most unhappiest.
"They did this to me"!!
Nothng is more un-empowering.

Patricia Katz