Monday, August 04, 2008

Respect doesn't come naturally for an addict

Respect doesn't come naturally for an addict.

Self respect.

Addicts do not have it.

What makes it worse is that they're not really aware of the lack of self respect.

Treating yourself with respect takes practice... it's unnatural for an addict.

Fold your arms

Now fold them the 'other way'

Feels Funny doesn't it.

You're going to have to practice this, baby steps...

When you spend all your money again...

you didn't even leave money for cigarettes.... and you're beating yourself up, feel like shit... kickin yourself...

do something, even if it's a small thing, something symbolic to treat yourself with respect.

This is like putting money in the bank, it accrues interest, it compounds...

a token action (I bought myself socks one week, and underware the next, in the recent past when I was still using) each day is not 30 days of little things...

it's 30 days of building momentum, compound interest, the sum of the parts equals much more than the individual parts.

more coming
I promise

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David Bruce

Healthy Boundaries & Victim Behavior