Saturday, July 09, 2005

LandOnYourFeetezine - 07/10/05 - "Avoid Burnout"

LandOnYourFeetezine - 07/10/05 - "Avoid Burnout": "How Your Mind Works

You can avoid career burnout, and reduce stress in all aspects of your life by realigning how you think, and what you think about. Let me explain!

Our thoughts create associations -- the immediate links we make between two ideas or things. (What do you associate with the word

  • work?
  • I bet it's not something positive!)

    Our associations, in turn, create our beliefs -- the things we accept as true. (What are your beliefs about your career? Are they empowering and positive?)

    Our beliefs create our behaviors -- how we automatically react to our environment and the events happening around us. (Are you completely reactive, or do you have control over how we act?)

    Our behaviors then create our habits -- our unconscious and predictable patterns of behavior caused by repetition. (Do you react the same way about your career?)

    And our habits create our future. (Don't YOU want to be the one to create your future?)"