Tuesday, June 17, 2003

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among other things...


Last night I was lurking on a new forum (a message board) called Verbal Abuse Forum

From the looks of it, that forum from VerbalAbuse.com has been around a very long time- it wouldn't have so many members if
it didn't provide value...BUT

That got people stirred up, the women on that message board all jumped on this guy, who said he was
dysfunctional, was a verbal abuser, and wanted help.

he was blasted for being predatory (my paraphrasing)...this will be interesting.

Here's my post/ reply:

Man you all sure are hostile.

I didn't read anything in Joe's post to warrant
everybody ganging up on him.

I did read his ex wife's post.

What comes to mind when I read this thread is
that people who let themselves get verbally
abused (and they DO let it happen)are so quick to

"Five years & you have done nothing to change???? Unbelievable"
why is that so unbelievable?

you gals seem to want a pound of flesh.

people that are wounded have learned that the
best defence is a good offence.

it's dysfunctional, but that is the underlying
premise of abusers.

Why would someone give up their percieved best
defence without having a suitable substitue?

You can't get abused if you set functional

I've not been here for more than a couple hours
but not fixing your boundaries is a sure fire
way to get hurt (allow yourself to get hurt)

fool me once, shame on you
fool me twice, shame on me

I'll have to invest more time here to see if my
first impression of this forum is wrong.

I can see that this place has been here for a long time. It will take some time to lurk and

David Bruce Jr
Self Help tools for self destructive behavior