Saturday, June 21, 2003

Name your addict- separate the sin from the sinner

I've got to remember to add a section to
about the AA concept of naming your addict.

That is a gross generalization, I know,
but the idea is to separate your self into parts, different identities:

The real you (the one God gave you, the person you were meant to be,
the person you want to be (I threw that one in there if you're agnostic)

And your addicted self (substitue your dsyfunctional self)

On the sexual addiction mailing list I belong to on yahoogroups, astarttorecovery
(which has done me a lot of good with all my addictive behaviors btw)
I kept reading where people called their addict(ed part of them) by name.

for example, lets say my addict's name is little bart (Bart is my middle name)
when he is running the show, my life is more than a little chaotic
he's impulsive (which by itself I don't really mind...except he often gets me into
he's selfish
he's childish- he is given to temper tantrums
and so on

I could go on and on (and should except I"m supposed to be writing my ebook
right now)

more later