Friday, September 15, 2006

The religion of atheists- Science

There are a lot, I mean a LOT of people disillusioned with AA style 12 step groups.

Those people are anti religion, anti God... atheists.

John Bradshaw did an audio about religious addiction, in it he spoke of families that the parents were strict, hard line God fearing... and the children rebelled.
Small wonder, I'm of the opinion that the Old testament has built in with it the presupposition that mankind is genetically unable to not be in Ego.

When you're *in Ego* everything you perceive is (and this is a MUST) categorized as "for me" or "against me"... everything revolves around ME.

We are much more than an Ego, but our ego is not about to let you know about that...

Here's another thing about our Ego... it only knows about the present moment as a hypothetical concept, a digitalization, to Ego, the present moment is a theory.

It's genetically incapable of being in the present...

Here, I'll give you an example:

Ego's job (and for this explanation I'm calling our logical, analytical Left Brain synonymous with Ego)Ego's entire job is:

  • Probability Estimating

  • Checking it's database of every experience you've ever had

If you ask Ego this question:

Do you know what the present moment is?

It will respond, and it has no choice but to do this, it will say something like:

"Wait a minute, we've seen that once before... I'll be right back after I check our database..."

That said, we do need a healthy Ego.. I've written about this on another blog:

Ok, enough of that subject... For those who just cant stomache the God stuff in AA or 12 step type programs... fear not

There's a lot of good stuff out there.

I'm not knocking em for being secular, I'm a Christian, perhaps a hybrid newage Christian, but I do beleive.

The url I'm providing below does have some good premises.
For me, the most notable is Save Our Selves opening email to new members says something to the effect of ending ALL our addictions.

Ever been to a AA group parking lot after a meeting?
everyone is (well almost everyone) is smoking cigarettes like a chimney, and consuming copioius quantities of coffee... it's addiction substitution

Here' have at it:

more coming

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