Monday, September 11, 2006

Some people just cant live with the 12 steps

There are many people who just cant go along with the entire theme of the 12 steps.

Surrender... and Ego, that's why.

If you think you ARE your ego, you're not gonna want to submit to anything other than yourself.

Lemme ask you something...
When you talk to yourself (we all do)... who are you talking to?

the only relationships we have in real time are with ourselves and a higher power.

all vision, once it gets processed by our minds, is in the past.
all sound (sound travels at 760mph at sea level), has to get processed in our auditory senses before we can assimilate it.

even sex, the most intimate bodily sensation... is not in real time
think about this: it's possible to accidentaly touch a hot stove... and it will take several micro seconds for your nervous system to realize you're getting burned.

Surrender is the sticking point
will go over this a lot more

But there are secular recovery processes that work very well. Just because I'm a hybrid Christian doesn't mean the secular stuff works.

Try these if you just can't get with the *program*.

to these people AA is a religion... they do have a point:
AA was started by a couple of old, white collar professionals who were drunks in Baltimore in the 30's

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David Bruce

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