Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spin Doctoring

I used to drive a roll off truck. It's a trash truck
like a dump truck but you leave the dumpster at the

Sometimes an excavating contractor will push the
container around the job site with a bulldozer.

If the dumpster's door is open when they do that
the can can get bent... a lot.
forexample with the door closed the can is rigid,
with the door open it's a 3 sided box.

When I went to retrieve the can, I asked the
to see if they can bend the wall of the container
back to 'square' it up.

If you bend steel back to it's original postion it'll
just snap back to the bent state.
You have to bend the steel way, WAY past where you
want it to end up.

If you want to modify a behavior or a habit...
you might have to "Over Shoot" the target.

As a coda... how the hell do we know what
functional behavior is?
(Adult childs guide to what's normal is a great
we might accidentally do functional stuff and not
recognize it.
i.e. 'stumble onto a functional choice and not
even recognize it.

Fold your arms

Now fold them the 'other way'

feels funny doesn't it.

We're gonna have to practice functional behavior,
it's gonna feel funny
it's ok to 'over do it'

when you first got your learners permit, you
weren't very good at driving... might even have
jumped a curb or two.

it's ok

it's ok to mess up

I'll stop now
(note to self... I use too many masculine metaphors,
football metaphors, auto mechanic metaphors... gotta
work on that)
David Bruce Jr.
Frederick MD

This article is for informational purposes only.
Please contact a licensed professional in your area
if you are in crisis or require mental health services

David Bruce

Healthy Boundaries & Victim Behavior

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