Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lost most of my website domain names

Checking over the templates of my blogs I see that they're peppered with
links to website domain names I let go.

will have to either buy the name back from who ever bought it when I let
it expire (didn't have any money on my credit card when it was time to
OR.... conjure up a new (similar) name

gonna have to redo that one too... I subcontracted the business out

My best web effort to date, the website that put me on the world map
with 80,000 visitors a year has been gone for a few years now,

gonna redo that one in a new incarnation: http://endingvictimbehavior.com

it sure feels good to not be smoking my paychecks up on crack:)

more posts on all of my blogs coming soon

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David Bruce

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