Monday, October 18, 2004

Put emotion and thinking in the ring- emotion will knock out intellect every time

Rationality VS. Unconcious Emotional Postitions

We are all familiar with the concept of our having both a
conscious and sub-conscious mind.

What is less well known is that contained within our
sub-conscious mind is a limit, a predetermination of our
capabilities, a self image.

The voice inside our heads, the voice we hear when we speak to
ourselves, is our conscious mind.

It is also our Ego.

It is under a dangerous delusion.

Our ego mistakenly believes that it is in control.
As a matter of fact, our ego will become beligerant if
anyone challenges that (mis) statement.

Our ego believes that it is aware of our level of self
esteem... it also believes that it has the whole self
esteem thing under control. If there is any thing lacking
in tbe self esteem situation, ego thinks either:
A) it can handle what ever comes up
B) nothing more can be done (so give up and change the subject)

Our sub conscious mind has a totaly different self image,
I call it self worth.

Self esteem is about doing, something we've done, would like to do,
wish we could do and so on

Self Worth is something that we BE

Emotions located in that sub conscious will over power our
thinking every time.

And our thinking mind will not accept this at all.

Put emotion and thinking in a boxing ring-
Emotion will knock out intellect every time

Have doubts?

Take cigarette smoking for example...
What is the reason you postpone tackling this one?

You know you want to quit (someday), you say you'd like
to quit...

Isn't the REAL reason you put this off is because on a
gut level you KNOW you'll lose this battle?

Instinctively (not on a linear, rational level) you know
that at the moment, you do NOT have the internal fortitude
to win that battle- so why humiliate your self?

Am I right?

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

David Bruce Jr
Baltimore Maryland
Assign Blame and Keep Score-
that's what you're reduced to without functional boundaries

Who has their personal boundaries in reverse? The Victim
Who cares how we got screwed up, tell me how to fix it.

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