Sunday, July 11, 2004

therapists are buying my "Repair Manual"

From my ebook

When I started learning about boundaries and recovery from
A.C.O.A issues/ Codependency issues one thing was glaringly
apparent- Every thing I found went into excruciating detail
about how we got this way.

After reading books and listening to about the 60th audio
on the topic I felt:

"Enough Already!"

"I'm 40 years old, don't keep telling me about what I
missed from my family of origin, just tell me how to fix
the damn thing!"

"I agree with you, something is broke, just tell me where
to put the #*@! wrench!"

This "Rapid Repair Manual for Self Destructive Behavior" in
ebook format is a quick study guide to fix what's wrong!

Each topic is a stand alone, easy to implement strategy for
"Rapid Repair" of what 12 step ideology calls- "Character


I'm very flattered to get favorable reviews from therapists:


Testimonials from satisfied readers:

I am a group and individual therapist/psychologist/rehab
professional living and working in Dublin, Ireland. I
constantly search for information that will help me help my
clients/patients to learn and understand boundaries in
their lives.

I usually seek information in language that does not go
"over the heads" of my client group. My base is in-patient
psychiatry and I alternate my working week in community
care psychiatry.

I often find I work with people from disadvantaged
backgrounds who have experienced extreme abuses and as such
they are void of an understanding of boundaries for

What I loved about your site when I found it was the
language which was easy to understand. Messages were given
in short bursts rather than lengthy orations and this suits
the short attention span of some of my client group.

Also each piece is complete in itself. I am also familiar
with the work of Pia Melody, John Bradshaw etc., (I
actually did a workshop with him when he was in Dublin some
years ago)

Your site draws together the best of many people in a
wonderful concise way. Mary Cantwell, Dublin Ireland


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