Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Self Destructive Behavior; Rapid Repair Manual

Writing that ebook consumed me for months, I've got to find out why
this blogger isn't archiving... I'll bet it's the ftp path

My ebook is being turned into a text book for re-certification
for social workers (L.C.S.W)!!

Self Destructive Behavior; Rapid Repair Manual
is going to help counselors learn how to teach boundaries!

This is amazing, it's also source energy helping me do the 12th step.

I've got to add a test so the readers can see if they learned what the
ebook says.

It will become course material, the neat thing is that this is what they
call 'distance learning', therapists are allowed (in most states boards)
to earn up to 25% of their credits for re-certifying via ecourses or
online learning- they are hot to trot to get out of having to take a
class at a 'brick and mortar' institution

They Want My ebook!!

also the feedback about my ebook, Self Destructive Behavior; Rapid Repair Manual, being written in the vernacular of the people who need it
... not in the college speak of academia

and the 'messages are given in short bursts, not lengthly orations

more later, I'm still driving a truck and have to get up early
(funny thing for a Republican to use to end a message with, but it fits)

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