Thursday, March 31, 2011

Secondary Gain, Or She's Not Doing What You Want Her To Do

Secondary Gain

You tell yourself you want X because of Y... well that's your story and you're stickin with it.

For some reason, Y just doesn't seem to happen?

That's cause part of you, wants something OTHER than what YOU want,,,,
Part of you, is looking at another part of you... in contempt
That is the very essence of codependency
and it's evidence of dis-harmony (lack of harmony, aka absence of serenity)

That part of you (the one with inner contempt for you, or for the "rest of you") has an agenda

an agenda that isn't YOURS... it has a secondary target in mind

here's the kicker.. if you're wounded, if you're not a healthy well rounded inter-dependent being


guess what's gonna happen if you want something and IT wants something else?

This article is for informational purposes only.
Please contact a licensed professional in your area
if you are in crisis or require mental health services

David Bruce

Healthy Boundaries & Victim Behavior

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