Friday, May 16, 2008

Erectile Dysfunction and Crack smoking

Most of the 50 something male crack smokers I've smoked with all have the same thing going on with them internally:

They have ED
shit happens when you:
-get older
-haven't taken good care of your self physically
-smoke too much (cigarettes I mean)
-drink too much coffee (diruetic, hurts your kiddneys)
-don't get enough sleep
-let yourself get stressed out over stuff you can't control
-have bad boundaries (which means you let yourself get all worked up over stuff that isn't your problem, and have imaginary problems ie 'thems fightin words'


Either no hydraulics OR limited hydraulics

There are two kinds of ED:

Zero hydraulics

There are 3 chambers inside your tool that are supposed to fill with blood when you get aroused.

and the most prevalant kind:

Limited hydraulics
the check valve at the base of your tool doesn't hold.
(What is a check valve? it's a plumbing term for a one way valve, one that lets fluid flow in one direction but not reverse, when a fluid is under pressure it flows in one direction, release the pressure and it flows back the other way according to gravity)

what does that mean?

blood flows in, but runs back out, there is a check valve of sorts, a one way valve, it's supposed to lock, meaning the blood flows in, you begin to get hard, but when you try to put it in (or put the condom on) it gets soft.

you get just hard enough to piss yourself off... and you've gotten your partner hot and you can't deliver the goods

when a man smokes crack, as soon as he exales the first blast, all you can think of is sex...

and women that smoke crack.. well lets just say they're easy

more coming, I've got to get ready to go to work.... I keep losing my jobs

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David Bruce

Healthy Boundaries & Victim Behavior

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