Monday, August 21, 2006

Hubris, your Ego's primary job

Wikiopedia defines Hubris as:

exaggerated pride or self-confidence, often resulting in fatal retribution.

I've been watching the History Channel, Rome's emperors had hubris, they were ultimatley done in by refusing to grant rights to the very Goth's who were merely seeking a small section of the vast Roman Empire for a place of thier own.

The Vikings, the ones that settled Greenland and the first Western explorers of North America had hubris: When the mini ice age began to make it so cold that their livestock froze... well they SAW the inuit's methods of surviving the extreme cold and ignored the eskimos.
The Viking word for the inutit translates to "Little Ugly People".

During the Civil War, the Generals at the War Department rejected the Winchester Repeating Rifle... they said they didn't want the army to have to carry extra ammunition... they thought that the soldiers would waste ammo if they were able to shoot as fast as they could pull the lever...

Your Ego is hubris central...
And if you let it run the whole show... you'll end up like Rome!

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