Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Repair broken codependent boundary systems

From relistening to Pia Melody and John Bradshaw tapes and
just as importantly from the process of life itself, I've
come to some startling conclusions...

to wit:

I've long known that to repair broken codependent boundary
systems and replace them with functional boundaries clears
up everything else...

what I'd missed was this:

The function and purpose of healthy boundaries is to
protect one's sense of self


If you're self esteem is trashed and you find yourself self

then you have nothing you're interested in defending

Not only that, this boundary/ self worth (self esteem)
stuff is also Catch 22

If you have broken boundaries, you have no container to
hold a boundary in

If you have no context (a system of boundaries), then
you're perception of self worth is going to be worth less to you

worthlessness begats being worth-less

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