Sunday, June 22, 2003

A short bio on me from an interesting message board thread

From an interesting exchange I recently had by posting to forum

I really, really learned something extremely useful from the above exchanges on

It hadn't occured to me that a person who is in the clutches of Victim Behavior would see the information
provided on and think that they were BEING ABUSED????

Especially this response to my posting (which stirred up much controversy, and I got called a troll ??)

"I think sometimes people think taking responsibility is the same as taking blame. it's not.

We are never to blame for being abused.

However, if we choose to live with it we have to take responsibility for that decision.

In other words, accept that you are there and plan for how to cope, and stop expecting anything to be different.

Stop being surprised and disappointed that nothing about the VA'er changes"

(a VA'er is a verbal abuser)

She said it better than I did, Thanks Becky!

more later